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About Artisan Crafts / Hobbyist Core Member Sarah-Jayne Doe24/Female/United Kingdom Groups :iconpoke-stitch: Poke-Stitch
Gotta Stitch em All!
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Deviant for 4 Years
Core Member 'til Hell freezes over
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Newest Deviations

Pokemon Requests - The Short List 2015

1. Umbreon - Jagged66
2. Charizard - Void95
3. Mew - Void95
4. Horsea - Jagged66
5. Lickitung - Luigicuau10
6. Arcanine - Paradoxstep
7. Gengar - zBibi
8. Jigglypuff - ABigTreeHugger
9. Muk - IntellectAdmirer
10. Snorlax - IntellectAdmirer
11. Sceptile - ToragonsDR
12. Scizor - LordNobleheart
13. Gardevoir - LordNobleheart
14. Empoleon - LordNobleheart
15. Totodile - gg8helper
16. Mareep - Jagged66
17. Blaziken - C2000Jade
18. Absol - joecool909
19. Rayquaza - EliBloodThirst
20. Chandelure - Mariecolo
21. Snivy - Marreromi
22. Lugia - SlogBait
23. Ho-Oh - SlogBait
24. Manaphy - Zoru-vee
25. Alakazam - Null-Entity
26. Riolu - Justice1212
27. Lucario - Justice1212
28. Entei - WhiteWolfDreamer27
29. Cherubi - AngelMariaStars
30. Luvdisc - AngelMariaStars
31. Feebas - xXBerryBlastXx
32. Milotic - xXBerryBlastXx
33. Dratini - sjhobbydk
34. Dragonair - sjhobbydk

Pokemon Cards To Do List

001 Bulbasaur, 002 Ivysaur, 003 Venusaur,
004 Charmander, 005 Charmeleon, 007 Squirtle,
008 Wartortle, 009 Blastoise, 010 Caterpie,
011 Metapod, 012 Butterfree, 013 Weedle,
014 Kakuna, 015 Beedrill,016 Pidgey,
017 Pidgeotto, 018 Pidgeot, 019 Rattata,
020 Raticate, 025 Pikachu, 026 Raichu,
027 Sandshrew, 028 Sandslash, 032 Nidoran,
033 Nidorino, 034 Nidoking, 039 Jigglypuff,
040 Wigglytuff, 050 Diglett, 051 Dugtrio,
052 Meowth, 058 Growlithe, 059 Arcanine,
063 Abra, 064 Kadabra, 066 Machop,
067 Machoke, 068 Machamp, 069 Bellsprout,
070 Weepingbell, 071 Victreebell, 074 Geodude,
075 Graveler, 076 Golem, 077 Ponyta,
081 Magnemite, 082 Magneton, 086 Seel,
087 Dewgong, 092 Gastly, 093 Haunter,
094 Gengar, 098 Krabby, 104 Cubone,
105 Marowak, 107 Hitmonchan, 113 Chansey,
114 Tangela, 115 Kangaskhan, 118 Goldeen,
119 Seaking, 120 Staryu, 121 Starmie,
123 Scyther, 124 Jynx, 125 Electabuzz,
126 Magmar, 129 Magikarp, 130 Gyarados,
133 Eevee, 135 Jolteon, 136 Flareon,
143 Snorlax, 145 Zapdos

Professor Oak, Pokeball, Switch, Bill,
Computer Search, Scoop Up, Potion
Grass Energy, Fighting Energy, Fire Energy
Lightening Energy, Psychic Energy, Water Energy


:iconlove-stitch: :iconpuzzle-art: :iconnintendogames: :iconultimate-pokemon: :iconwild-fingers: :iconpoke-stitch: :iconpoke-specific:




:iconkekzeus: :iconjettersfreak: :iconvduplex: :iconchef-chad: :iconneon-izumi:

What kind of Pokemon would you like me to stitch? 

33 deviants said Kanto
32 deviants said Shiny
30 deviants said Mega
23 deviants said Johto
19 deviants said Hoenn
15 deviants said No Particular Preference
15 deviants said I'd rather see non-Pokemon Related Works
14 deviants said Sinnoh
14 deviants said Unova
12 deviants said Kalos
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

   4 years.

    2. What does your username mean?

Well, that's a bit embarrassing... When I first created my account, I couldn't think of a username, so I combined DeviantArt with my favourite animal. Hence Devi-Tiger. I've since learned, that that's the name of a Hindu deity lol I still like the name too much to change it :)

    3. Describe yourself in three words.

   Dedicated, Loving, and Quiet.

    4. Are you left or right handed?

   Right Handed

    5. What was your first deviation?

   Surprisingly for me, it was this: Rose by Devi-Tiger

   But I often treat this as my first: 001 - Bulbasaur by Devi-TigerBecause this is what began my passion for stitching Pokemon.

   6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

   I love cross stitching :happybounce:

    7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

   Tricky. I have seen some fantastic drawing/colouring/painting work here on dA, and I've always admired the skill of it.

    8. What was your first favourite?

   I can't remember...

    9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

As I mentioned, I adore what people can create with colouring and drawing pencils, so I'd say I favourite that style the most. But I tend to fave Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Tigers, and Disney based artworks.

    10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

Well, I must say this lovely lady :iconjagged66: because she's my fiance :D and a talented cosplayer who does amazing work with XNALara. But I also respect the talents of :iconmakibird-stitching: and :iconlittlemojo:, whom I get my Pokemon patterns from. Their patterns feed my passion :D

    11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

There's a recent artist I've discovered, :iconalena-koshkar: She does FANTASTIC work with pencils. I would love to meet her and watch her in action - and maybe learn a few pointers :)

    12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

Calling on the deviants I've already mentioned, :iconjagged66: has impacted my life in a very personal way. She is my everything :hug: And :iconmakibird-stitching: has impacted my hobbies. I have no idea how many hours I've spent working on her patterns :D I love it. Thank you to you both.

    13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

   Needle, thread, and plastic canvas or aida.

    14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

   To be honest, in front of the TV. I can't stitch in silence, so I watch a film or put on a box set and stitch while I listen/watch.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
It has to be when I got a Daily Deviation for this: Tiger Face by Devi-Tiger I was so happy and felt so honoured. I was swamped by people commenting on it, it felt amazing. Thank you everyone.


Devi-Tiger's Profile Picture
Sarah-Jayne Doe
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United Kingdom
Hello, my name is Sarah-Jayne Doe, and welcome to my dA page :wave: I doubt you would be here to see my pretty lame drawings, so you must be a fan of my cross stitches! Thank you very much to all of my Watchers who support what I do, and I hope you like what you see. If you have any questions about how I do them, or if you have a Pokemon request, then I'm all eyes (no point saying ears ^^; ).

Enjoy :D


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I would say I'm more of an expert hobbyist. If I was a professional, then I would be charging and selling. 
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A while ago, I think we were talking about Krillin and Yamcha.  I saw this video and thought you might get a kick out of it.

If I'm confusing you with someone else, I apologize.
Devi-Tiger Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hi, you don't have the wrong person, no worries :)
Thank you for sending me the video, I found it very interesting. I loved it when they said that the most useful he's done is die to progress the story haha
The've also done this video:… about Yamcha and how he's just a whipping boy. It was funny :D

Thanks again
Safyer Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
You're awesome!  Remember that! Have a good day.
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