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Gotta Stitch em All!
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Pokemon Requests - The Short List

1. Umbreon - Jagged66
2. Charizard - Void95
3. Mew - Void95
4. Horsea - Jagged66
5. Lickitung - Luigicuau10
6. Arcanine - Paradoxstep
7. Gengar - zBibi
8. Jigglypuff - ABigTreeHugger
9. Muk - IntellectAdmirer
10. Snorlax - IntellectAdmirer
11. Sceptile - ToragonsDR
12. Scizor - LordNobleheart
13. Gardevoir - LordNobleheart
14. Empoleon - LordNobleheart
15. Totodile - gg8helper
16. Whismur - musicaal
17. Mareep - jagged66
18. Arbok - RadiantCharizard
19. Blaziken - C2000Jade
20. Absol - joecool909
21. Rayquaza - EliBloodThirst

Pokemon Cards To Do List

001 Bulbasaur, 002 Ivysaur, 003 Venusaur,
004 Charmander, 005 Charmeleon, 007 Squirtle,
008 Wartortle, 009 Blastoise, 010 Caterpie,
011 Metapod, 012 Butterfree, 013 Weedle,
014 Kakuna, 015 Beedrill,016 Pidgey,
017 Pidgeotto, 018 Pidgeot, 019 Rattata,
020 Raticate, 025 Pikachu, 026 Raichu,
027 Sandshrew, 028 Sandslash, 032 Nidoran,
033 Nidorino, 034 Nidoking, 039 Jigglypuff,
040 Wigglytuff, 050 Diglett, 051 Dugtrio,
052 Meowth, 058 Growlithe, 059 Arcanine,
063 Abra, 064 Kadabra, 066 Machop,
067 Machoke, 068 Machamp, 069 Bellsprout,
070 Weepingbell, 071 Victreebell, 074 Geodude,
075 Graveler, 076 Golem, 077 Ponyta,
081 Magnemite, 082 Magneton, 086 Seel,
087 Dewgong, 092 Gastly, 093 Haunter,
094 Gengar, 098 Krabby, 104 Cubone,
105 Marowak, 107 Hitmonchan, 113 Chansey,
114 Tangela, 115 Kangaskhan, 118 Goldeen,
119 Seaking, 120 Staryu, 121 Starmie,
123 Scyther, 124 Jynx, 125 Electabuzz,
126 Magmar, 129 Magikarp, 130 Gyarados,
133 Eevee, 135 Jolteon, 136 Flareon,
143 Snorlax, 145 Zapdos

Professor Oak, Pokeball, Switch, Bill,
Computer Search, Scoop Up, Potion
Grass Energy, Fighting Energy, Fire Energy
Lightening Energy, Psychic Energy, Water Energy


:iconultimate-pokemon: :iconpuzzle-art: :iconpoke-specific: :iconlove-stitch: :iconwild-fingers: :iconpoke-stitch: :iconnintendogames:

Which Pokemon Generation would you prefer to see me cross stitch? 

82 deviants said Kanto
62 deviants said Johto
53 deviants said Hoenn
51 deviants said No particular preference
29 deviants said Sinnoh
27 deviants said I prefer to see non pokemon-related works
25 deviants said Unova
In celebration and anticipation of Halloween this month, I will be submitting a new Pokemon EVERY DAY! I've been working my butt off all of September (when I'm not at work or playing Skyrim...) trying to get this ready, and it's finally started :squee:

1st October - Spinarak (Who isn't scared of spiders?)
2nd October - Yamask (Ex-human Egyptian ghosts FTW?)
3rd October - Unown I (Needs to be done, and they are rather creepy...)
4th October - Drifloon (You don't want to give this to your kids!)
5th October - Shuppet (Oh no he didn't!)
6th October - Unown J (Needs to be done, and they are rather creepy...)
7th October - Litwick (For the night is dark and full of terrors.)
8th October - Lampent (Keep a tight hold onto your spirit!)
9th October - Unown K (Needs to be done, and they are rather creepy...)
10th October - Shedinja (Damn creepy husk!)
11th October - Duskull (It's not Halloween without a few skulls.)
12th October - SICK
13th October - Unown L (Needs to be done, and they are rather creepy...)
14th October - Houndour (Who wants a demon puppy?)
15th October - Houndoom (Who let the dogs out? - I couldn't resist...)
16th October - Unown M (Needs to be done, and they are rather creepy...)
17th October - Hoothoot (Every Halloween needs a hooting owl)
18th October - Croagunk (Currently adding frogs legs to potions...)
19th October - Unown N (I'm halfway there!)
20th October - Dusclops (I always thought of this as the creepy groping pervert ghost)
21st October - Ampharos (Happy Anniversary Amy! X)
22nd October - Unown O (I was looking forward to making this one)
23rd October - Meowstic (Happy Birthday, Amy! X)
24th October - Haunter Card (It looks like it's going to grab you!)


Sarah-Jayne Doe
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United Kingdom
Well, this is me: Sarah-Jayne Doe, and the babe beside me is my lovely fiance, Amy, whom I am very lucky and happy to have.



Oct 24, 2014
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Oct 23, 2014
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Oct 23, 2014
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Oct 23, 2014
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xxyuniexx Featured By Owner 1 day ago
do you ever post process shots? I would love to see how these stitches look midway/beginning
Devi-Tiger Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I thought about putting up process shots, but I hate seeing anything unfinished. I'm a bit of a completionist Sweating a little... so it would just bug me to see it to be honest. I have a WIP of a big tiger I'm doing on dA, but I've stitched further since then, and THAT bugs me. Maybe for the bigger pieces I'll post wips... Sorry.
xxyuniexx Featured By Owner 20 hours ago
oh totally understand! Was just curious. You do you =] Thanks for the answer!
FireWings26 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Out of curiousity, what do you do with all the Pokemon stitches you do? Do you put magnets on them? I keep thinking all the Unowns would be fun as letter magnets, and I could write out stuff on the fridge. lol. Someday I will have to do that...
Devi-Tiger Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I was considering magnets once, but I get worried about about them getting dirty... I do have plans once all the Unowns are up ;) but as far as the finished ones go, I was thinking of putting them all into a kind of album - like having my own Pokedex :) It's a dream, but I haven't found anywhere suitable to hold them all yet... 
FireWings26 Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Student General Artist
Oh! That would be cool; like a stitched scrapbook. :D lol. You could print out their pokedex entries to go with them and use red aida to make the cover look like a pokedex. I hope you find the perfect thing to fulfill what you're looking for. :)
Devi-Tiger Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
COOL! I've just got to find the right thing, but that sounds wonderful! :squee: :happybounce: must find something suitable...
DeiDeiCat98 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Thanks for the Llama :D <3
ShyguyandSquishy Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the Llama :'3 <3 
FedericaQuatela Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the llama!F2u Freddy iconss I love your galleryHeart 
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